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Plastic Pollution Coalition welcomes businesses that are actively working to reduce their own plastic footprint and create a world free of plastic pollution.

We ask Business Members to share the following commitments:

  • To eliminate or measurably reduce your company’s plastic footprint
  • To encourage your employees, partners, suppliers, and customers to switch to reusable, refillable, or non-toxic plastic-free alternatives
  • To champion upstream solutions to plastic pollution, and not false end-of-life "solutions" (such as chemical "recycling" or "bioplastics")
  • To consider redesigning and iterating your business model towards one of circularity
  • To engage with and advocate for the PPC community whenever possible, by participating in Coalition meetings and attending Coalition events
  • To act as a resource for other members of the Coalition to support collective knowledge sharing and power emergence

If you align with our core values and want to join a global movement to end plastic pollution, fill out the application below on behalf of your business. Please view our Criteria for Business Membership to understand the criteria we use to evaluate pending applicants.

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